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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Being of Tulip

Being of Tulip

June 19 2013

Illumination of The Heart

Tulip Light doth shine so bright today * ` ~

Much more than all the other days in the sun

Whilst all the while ` ~ `

Emotion way too grand for the tender of heart to bear

Pull my being through this state and that

O'h` ~


O'h` ~

Memory so fresh of a lover's lament

~ * ~

Many many years ago

So a`gaze I am upon the beautiful tulips

On this brilliant blue blue day



~ * ~

I saw with my very own eye

Into the brightest Tulip d`oth shine a beam of delight
Sweeping the flowers all pink purple and red

Into the wind of violet

To vibrate with time

The yellow so bright

A tango of citrus throughout leaves of lime

~`Dreamy Dance`~ is this

For first flowers of Spring

To blow dark shadow away



How sweet blowing tulip can be

In love with brightness of Light

Indeed the spell hath cast a blessing

Ode ` ~

To soothe the pain of a broken heart ~ not possible to break

~ * ~


Amid`st blowing winds that march with time

Pray then I did to Elemental Grace

To feather all bloomy essence with love joy and mirth

Should another come this way today

Deliver dear God, your glorious healing gift

~ * ~

Infuse with joy the heart full of sorrow


For all to behold your Passion Divine

And so I lay there  ~  spell bound

For who knows how long`

Full of the glorious scent of earth


A`breast a bed of Tulip touched by an azure sky

Surrender I did to the delight of hue's rapture

Amidst` all His Heavenly Light

A` drop of diaphanous white


Scent sweetened all seed



To soothe the ~ tremble ~ of a tender heart

Then there it was` ~

Palest of Blue

Blushed the sweetness of innocence

 Touched by stillness on the breath of a breeze

God's purest expression of life

Beheld I did ~ Being of Tulip

Upon this bed of soft skinned petals


With the broken of heart

~ ` Pure Sweet Love ` ~ 

O`h ~


O`h ~

Where life overflows with Bliss 


Hide & seek there awhile

There among the Tulips

A` touch of Heaven's beam unfolding in joyful delight

All within the stalks so very green with lime

O`h ~

O`h ~

Hear the call of Love’s haunting melody


  Pluck the heart of old gypsy violin 

T`would be fairest of memory

A`midst blowing field of green

Blow wind blow your gift of life so rain may fall```~

Until the Tulips beam all a`glow


Tousled bloom a`midst pale shade of pigment dream

 Listen tenderly to lutes swoon so sweet

Brilliant caress of blue night's silvery moon

Be lost to the breath of sweet scent

~ ~ ~

Palm of a new dawn

~ Nothing Compares

~ Nothing Compares

 Soft pretty petals

Whisper your lament to innocent heart so pale

Being of Tulip now ```

 Being of Tulip & dreaming of You

On this brilliant Spring day

Somewhere` very`` far``` 

far`````~*..... away

Being of Tulip ~ 24 x 36 ~ March to July 2013     Timeless Expressions by Maguire

Being of Tulip

 Mother's Love

Work in Progress

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Inner Eye"

The Inner Eye

Awakening Self

Continually changing as it evolves in the delight of every new moment

~ The Inner Eye ~

Oil on canvas 36 x 48, 1980
Private Collection of Hazel Westwood
Victoria Island BC

Great Pyramids of Giza

The Inner Eye

Work on The Inner Eye came from a meditation on the Kundalini, the Awakening Self.

On the night my father passed I had a dream about the Lost City of Atlantis falling into the ocean.

I was there when the ancient ones fount Egypt.
The God Horus appeared in a crystal pyramid of the palest green peridot while directing the elders to the new land.

When I awoke the vision of  Inner Eye was forever planted in the centre of my forehead.

~ King ~

Oil on Masonite  25 x 36, 1982
Private Collection of Brye Briggs
Oshawa Ontario

In 1982 I had another dream where I had met myself during an initiation of the Ancient Ones.

Cleansed from head to foot was I, the young girl with the dark hair ~ in love with the 
memory of patchouli oil.

Light of the full moon shone its ray through the inner passage of Great Pyramid.





Most handsome


Prepared and Cleansed as I was He 

For this very moment


Bare w
e were


Humbled in our Existence

He trembled  ~  I trembled

Senses all




Was no more

Enter each other we did

Equally beautiful

My male ~ his female

Complete Conscious Being 


God Divine



Full Fold

~* Within *~


~* Existence *~

Prime Reality





\X  X `~A~` X X/ 

Whole Worth of Life 
Z/ Z/ `*Z/*` Z/ Z/



For all of Eternity




I asked Father


HE Said


















~ My Egypt ~

Oil on canvas 24  x  24, 1982
Private Collection of John Manning
Curtis Ontario

The very haunting image of the above oasis came from a dream that forever pleasantly filters through the conscious mind.  There are days while walking planet earth that an overwhelming sense of homesick euphoria fills that waking moment.

What remain are enchanting memories of days gone and those yet to come that are full of images of fantasy and wonder of a brighter life and another time.

Every once in awhile one can catch a glimpse of the self looking back through a great void and wondering why things happen the way that they do on that dark night of a soul?  

Look back? Yes indeed, look back ~ but for only a quick glance, mindful of a lesson learned, then set that memory free forever. When you catch that thought again, look  ~*then*\~~~ eagerly ahead to all the wonders yet to unfold in this lifetime.

It seems a brighter essence when one is lost in the healing of timeless moment.

~ Pyramid and Rock ~

Bronze casting, lost wax process
 11" H, 8.5" W, 9" D


Artist Proof

Timeless Expression by Maguire

 ~ Family Scarab ~

 Oil on Masonite, 16.5  x  15  x  4  1982
Private Collection of Brye and Leah Briggs
Oshawa Ontario

The Scarab

The Scarab was used as a symbol to produce jewelry mainly rings and bracelets for Egyptian Kings to place on the servers of their households.

Should a slave be hurt or lost the color or type of the stone would stand as testament to all under his kingdom that the bearer of the Scarab indeed did belong to his household.  Receiving the Scarab insured that the message was surely from the Royal Chamber.  

Great Honor bestowed to the bearer of the Kings Ring.