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Creation of Earthen Man

Earthen Man

A work in Progress

~ Imelda FB Maguire ~

Pondering message from the universe
 Timeless Expression by Maguire Studio ~ 2011

Earthen Man
April 1 ~ 2011


 The First Stroke

Earthen Man soaring free

On passion wing

Rest awhile in the palm of Grace

Heart open wide

Full of joy

Enter New Earth clean and fresh

Upon a crystal breath

Witness the birth of Forever Free

On the swing of Heaven’s Gate

Where all souls are equal

















~ Earthen Man ~

Left to right; Sunny Dhillon, Imelda Maguire, Brye Briggs November 22, 2011

Installation and Presentation of Earthen Man
Total Rehab Clinic, Ajax Ontario

Private Collection of Sunny Dhillon
Ajax Ontario

Earthen Man is Presented to Sunny Dhillon
In humble Gratitude
For his generous gift of unconditional caring Love
Delivered through hands of Compassion
Grandest of Grace
to his fellow man

Earthen Man
Sunny Dhillon

Sunny and Brye have been friends since grade school, they were also mates playing on the same All Star Turrel Soccer League through their High School years.  The two young men went off to University and then on to define their lives, always remaining friends.

Sunny became a chiropractor, he knew that Brye had a troubled leg from a sport accident in his first year of University where he was headed in the tummy resulting in the loss of his spleen and  deep vein thrombosis, impairing Brye for the rest of his life with a very temperamental swollen leg that holds him at continual great risk for a recurring blood clot.
Throughout the following years; being concerned for Brye's optimal health, Sunny began to treat Brye's troubled leg without ever taking so much as a dime from Brye for his personal attention and professional care that he administered to Brye. 

When Sunny opened his new clinic Total Rehab, Brye shared with me that he wanted very much to thank Sunny for all the years of his support. 

Together Brye and I began to envision a painting for Sunny to hang on the wall of his new clinic.  Earthen Man is the result of that conversation between a mother and a son who surely are very grateful to Sunny for sharing himself so generously for his special gift to a friend in need.

It was indeed with great honor and joy to be there with Brye to present and instal Earthen Man on the wall of Sunny's new clinic.

Compassion and Grace witnessed in another, indeed inspires us all.

Thank You Sunny

Earthen Man
Monica Cotton

During the work of Earthen Man, beautiful virtuoso soprano Monica Cotton lived across the hall from the Timeless Expression Studio with her husband Kent, two young sons, two beautiful daughters and their wee friend Tybalt the cat.

Heavenly it was to be working away to the sweet voice of an angel echoing through the old walls, down the four flights of spiral stairs, through the building and out onto the street. 

During the last evening of March 2011, while lost in the attempt to define human anatomy for the work on Earthen Man, I  became aware of a grand commotion going on outside the studio door.  Something compelled me to have a look out into the hall to check out what was going on...  I opened the door; the hallway outside the studio was full of emergency people and police along with the two boys and Kent who all stood there in striking shock.

 Monica had been nursing a cold and flu which within a week had taken her life.  Her passing was at 2:00 am, April 01, 2011 while I was working on Earthen Man.

Nothing will ever express the tidal wave that shook the very soul of us all.

When my head finally did hit the pillow which was the next night, I had a dream;

Monica was sending me an SOS from Heaven.

How can I say that you might ask?

Well you see,  I had shared with Monica that my father was an Irish Tenor and that my favorite memory of my Papa is him singing the Ave. Maria while he worked away in his little shop fixing radios and tube televisions.  He sang so beautifully until tears would stream down his face.  All who listened to Papa sing were spellbound.

When Monica taught music lessons across the hall in their family suite, she would warm up for her students with the Ave. Maria just for me, knowing full well that I would be listening, with tears running down my face, her heavenly voice would bring my Papa close to my heart.

Monica, Kent and the boys loved coming over to watch the progress of the painting, so you see, how can this SOS not always be with Earthen Man?

Compelled I am to reply to Monica... message received! 

The following Love Letter from Heaven is Monica's SOS to her family who love her so dearly which she sang to me in my dream that night after her passing.

Love Letter from Heaven

April 01, 2011

Love is everywhere


The strongest heart being so brave as to weep
 Healing tear
In this Heavenly moment

So full of life

The beauty of Joy
Kissed the lip of Passion

One could not dare but to surrender to delight
Lest the dark arrive

Peace                               Peace                             Peace

Home now on the Breath
Here at the foot of Heaven's Gate
Inside the softness of an Angel

The joyous dance of Passion and Grace is surely in the air


The Indescribable Face of God

Heaven ~

Listen Closely To The Whisper

Tender is the one to wipe away fear

Shimmer does purple hue 

Still aglow in the silent of night

Humble are we all

In the Divine Presence of God

Echo of a distant realm

Hold sacred oblivion beyond a golden peak

Hidden between the dark of cloud

Softly touched by Creators hand

Heart is lost in a world of illusion and time

Sweet breathless word of Divine

Hold the darkness of night

Listen closely to their whisper

Dear Monica

  Your sweet voice echoes within the walls of Old Alger

So missed by all you truly are, yet never too far from the heart.