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~ Fallen Moment ~ Timeless Expression ~ Celebrate Life & Love

~ Fallen Moment ~

40 x 60 oil on canvas, 2009, Timeless Expression by MaguirePurchaser wishes to remain anonymous,
 Fallen Moment, 40" x 60", oil on canvas, Timeless Expression by Maguire

Owner wishes to remain anonymous

~ Fallen Moment ~

Upon a bough I am

Deep within the scent of pine

Aware of the many eyes alive in whispering mind

Lost am I in that windless place of soul

Swallowed up in a fallen moment of Time

Listen the Herald

  ~ Forget all woe ~

Babbled Brook

T' is this the Fallen Moment marked with Time

When all souls Ascend

Whisper to the wind

 Fallen Moment of Time

Touch all those forbidden to see

O'h to suffocate the heart so full of pain

Lest the bough break where sit I

Creak the Wizard of the Wood

To the Ether alive

Gentle whisper of the wind

Wise One of dark shadow

In love with Light

Tell of the Ancient Land

When Real Love was lost along uncharted way

Doomed Forever

By those whose eye became blurred

Stung heated path



 ~ Broken Heart ~


Breathless cold

Rise from me

This parting of  ~ Soul ~

Stares at my naked limb by limb

Must it always be this way

When the river runs so wild as it does today 

All that was

Illuminate away

Blue blue ray of Eye

Truth calls a name

Heard only by me 

Whilst all this while in Timeless Void

River does run so wild as it is today

Broken spirit of the bough 

Soothe the cry of Mother Earth

Hold Her bruised heart lost in ~ Memory ~

Sweetened jewel of Loves lament

Lest upon this bough now broken

Fallen Moment we might soon again forget

What matters this curse holding heart prisoner to dark

Wallow o'h the woe of Lady Willow who weeps

Whose tear fall lapsed


Longing low and lifeless 

Into this raging river

Shall all survive this chained chalice

So full of life sorrow

Unspoken heart call out now

For Tomorrow

All dark deed left undone
Shall be lost to the darkness of night

Now for Eternity 
Say the voice of Wind

 Fallen Moment of Time

Shake thy sword free of all pain memory

Cool thy brow

Upon the cold raging flow

Broken now is this bough

To heal earth furrowed soil


By those who do not know nor care to see

Timeless be this Essence hidden to the dark

Lost in blissful void

Rise soul to free thyself

Feel the warm ray of Golden Love invisible to the eye

 Beyond the cold damp breath of dragon feet

Behold the Gentle Heart 

Seed of Man

Spilt am I upon her blanket earth

Lost in a fallen moment of Time

Should this the place be

Where all Ascend

The memory of a broken vine

Star Light

Life to the night sky

Burst out Love

Embrace the world that spins so wildly below

Dark night torn asunder lies there where soul hides

Listen this roaring thunder

 Owner of the Whole

Focus on Love

Transcend war, do not talk of war

Focus only on Love

Pure sweet Divine Love

 Centre of the human heart

Transcend war ~ Think not of war ~ Talk not of war

~ * Focus only on Love * ~

Recognize Nothing 

but Love

Transcend war ~ Think not of war ~ Talk not of war

Dissolve All Condition

All Action of War

~ * Focus only on Love * ~

Golden Moment Of Time

Then hold Fallen Moment forever in your heart

~ Fallen Moment ~

Oil on canvas 40 x 60, 2008 

Collector wishes to remain anonymous