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Tulips & Daffodils ~ Mother's Love

Tulips & Daffodils

In Celebration of Mother's Love

Beneath the glow of sweet cherry bloom

 Mother Earth

 Sublime Holy Mantle

Heart of her soul, d`oth silently weep there


She lay

Layered in memory so sweet

Softly cradled within the holder of dreams

Laddened tear,  stain dust upon her face


A Mother's Love to Behold

A'twixt are dark thoughts

Swooning all comfort and peace

Teasing the mind with images of war

Spilled, splayed innocence 

A Mother's Lament

O'h ~ to behold 

Dumbed unconscious wrath

On sacred cherished Earth

Tore the breast of Mother's broken crust

Where once did reign Joy

 Mother's Lament

 Mother's Love

 O'h ~ to behold 

What power one chalice destined for man

Divine Glow of God she did pray


For all dark shadow upon her bloody soil

Fade away ~ Fade away

So that all might kiss the face of Eternity 

 Witness to the broken heart of Earth

Come Upliftment from on High

Erase weary weight this wasteful empty pain

Comfort the broken pieces of my heart

 She cried




Saddened song this sorrowful lament

 Mother's Love to behold

It was then that all could hear Our Father cry

Rise up shining face, bright and high

Into the brilliance of All Mighty God the violet so white

Rest there now your saddened soul

Upon Jupiter's right wing

Feathered friend,  Messenger of God

Council to awakened Decider

Life and death

Should that be so

Hear Heavenly Clarion Call

Bliss has arrived to wash sweet soul of humanity

 Leave away all judgement right or wrong
Which exists not

Trivial things that they are

Shine your light of a new day all Earthen Man

Upon the breath of fresh Spring

When all beauty knows the truth of it's own face

Rise Mother Earth

Dark Shadow sings your song to the beating of heart

So all will listen your cry for Peace



 Mother's lament

 Mother's Love

Reign God on High

Blessed are those who walk Earth proud

Among the Nocturne turned red

In sunny delight 

Paradise t`is this your Earthen Land

Full of the splendor a New Life

In awe the power of a Mother's tear

Where rest now the sweetest

Tulips and Daffodils



A Mother's Lament

Mother's Love


Happy 70th Mom

Your Loving Daughter Always



The Ship & Brye

The Ship & Brye

Misty Lake Night Sky, Algonquin & Brye July 05 2013

Photo by

 Michael Wisniewski

Brye Andrew David Briggs, Misty Lake, July 05, 2013 Algonquin
40th Birthday Celebration Portage

Photo by

Michael Wisniewski

The Ship

Prose by

 Brye Andrew David Briggs


It is incredible the weight they pull on the keel.

The beak seems to constantly point downward into the dark depths below - into the abyss from which there is no return. It as if the demons pulling on it were made of osmium.  The sea seems to thrash its way through the deck as the big jibs draw forth and the top gallants are yanked to one side by cruel and wicked dark spirits with even greater force.  The mains flap, yet are collapsed for the most part as it becomes apparent that this is a totally unnatural phenomenon surrounding me and my ship.  A speck within the vastness of the sea aimlessly nearing the chaotic edges of the earth, blindly and dangerously through the valleys of darkness I find myself clinging to the wheel in full awareness that I am at the mercy of my ship and powers that put me here in the first place.  A place of unforgiving desperation and helplessness that I have endured before… thank God.  

Instead of being overwhelmed, I dig deep as I sometimes must and steady the wheel.  I begin to remember who I am and why I am here - I am prepared for this journey.  I will stay the course.  I know where I am and I know what it takes to get through these torrent waters.  I chose this ship with great vision and my faith in it will prevail and so shall I.

Damned are those demons and dark spirits and damned are those unearthly works at hand and damned will I be should I allow myself to succumb to those weaker and pathetic powers.  I have a light in me that can easily shine through the darkness and I will unleash it with great vengeance and that time that has come.  I have new skies, new seas, new lands and new discoveries that give me new and undying purpose.

There was never a destination in the first place only the path; a path worth paving so that they too could learn for themselves that the path is the most important part of their lives.  Pay attention to the path and they just might get lucky. 

I may be only a small part of what I call the big picture, but a  part I am.  Trials and tribulations are part of everyone's journey.  True they are completely different from the next persons, but I ask how far your journey will take you ?  Learn from every lesson.  Grow from every struggle and one day you may be ready to surge on.  We all need explorers.   For without them, we are nothing.  How rare it is, for someone to find exactly what they are looking for.
It is with every new lesson or discovery that we not only discover a part of our self, but open a link to the next person to discover their own truth.  

I say smile in the face of adversity and remember that every challenge brings you closer to your truth.  Keep the spirit nurtured and never give in to those forces trying to hold you back from your true destiny.  Leave them all behind and find out who you really are.  Discover yourself.  There are no limits within your imagination, so don’t be afraid to let it guide you from time to time.

Learn, study, grow and prosper, but remember the imagination combined with some sort of faith regardless of what it is, be it God, Allah, Om, Wakeguru, Gitchi Manitou, the Eighth Dynamic, some other Supreme Being or force, or even our family,  can be and are all very powerful.  Combine your imagination with your faith, without prejudice, and see what can become of this world or better yet, what can become of yours.

My ship is my family and in that I have faith.  Strong, relentless, unwavering, crafty, wise, always improving and never ending.  I will stay the course and my ship will become part of tomorrow’s path and tomorrow's journey and along the way its very own discoveries.   

The Tall Ship

A Work in Progress









More To Come

Photo by

 Michael Wisniewski

~ Brye Andrew David Briggs 2013 ~

Photo by
  Michael Wisniewski

Happy 40th Bryso
July 2013

May the wind always be at your back,
steady as she goes

Timeless Expression Studio


Leah, Ayden, Kaelham Seamus and Mama

The Tall Ships

A Work in Process