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~ Legacy of Love ~

~ Legacy of Love ~

~ Soul ~

 Calling All Angels

~  Hold High The Light ~

On this day

Amber healing light pours forth to Blue Earth

From a Sun held high

All to heal the broken of heart

Lest the dark arrive on the black of night

To mar the Heart of Innocence


Listen Closely To The Whisper





New Soul

2000 Light Years Away From Home

Listen Closely To The Whisper

PEACE       PEACE       PEACE     

 Celebrate Life

 Your Legacy of Love 

~ Soul ~

One Just Never Knows

One never knows the soul worthwhile

Lest one knows the magic of the world within

One never knows…

One never knows when the wondrous toil of the hand

Will meet joy that lives in the gentle of heart

One never knows…

One never knows how much tender word

D`oth heal a damaged soul if left unspoken

One never knows…

One never knows different color of skin

Should the eyes not see the beauty in all

One never knows…

One never knows hurt from deceit bestowed upon another soul

Should forgiveness not behold

One never knows…

One never knows tender the gift of Love

Le`st one hand reach out to touch a star

One never knows…

One never knows how full the cup of joy

Le`st one dream of chalice passed

One never knows…

One never knows the Brilliant Divine Love

That d`oth shine kiss upon the window of the soul

Le`st one see such face reflected back

Time after time


One just never knows

A difference from beginning to end

Until presence in nothingness opens the heart of mind

One just never knows

What is the nature of life?

  What is the purpose to be here on earth now 
during this lifetime?

We all ask these questions in search for our own answers as we realize that outside of our self there is not another soul that can understand more wholly than our own inner being who the self really is.

What is right, or what is wrong?

How are we to know and where do we find the faith in our self to trust that instinct to make the decision of right or wrong?

It is up to us as individuals striving for a life of peace and beauty to discover these truths about our own beingness.

We will then be strong enough to stand together as the entire human race ready and willing to create balance in our unsettled war torn beautiful blue earth.

We have come to believe that the abstract facets of our self must survive in order to define reality in the present moment ~

We are already whole!

Through the authentic self we arrive at the sacred site of our soul, a place of quiet contentment.

How can we say that luck and chance, destiny & fate are the same thing?

Believe that chance is the first unconscious step you take, luck then is what comes from taking that step without your deep thought.  Fate is the direct result that happens to us when we act hastily from fear on a delusion of chance ~ fear delivers fate.

Destiny on the other hand is a result of a conscious decision to understand the difference, then to take that same step into the unknown by conscious choice fearlessly as we hold tight to our dream of peace and love on earth.

Dream directly connects to destiny. 

Which one would you consciously choose?

Instinctively we know the truth is there.  We believe this fundamental knowing without being told by another.

Believe that when one decides to listen to the mystery of the Divine from within, hidden truth is surely revealed; that truth is there always just for us all to acknowledge in that land of deep dream, the moment of nothingness,  unaffected by outside influence.

We bring forth fractions of our life lived from the very beginning that we share with others during our times in the universe.  It is all there ~ rich ~ fertile ~ full of sensuality.

If  freedom of choice is recognized as our truth, at that point we can begin to realize and then to release the painful dark memories of the past forever and be free ~ a complete state of universal balance within the core of individual self, waits quietly within to be realized.

The life-contract signed when we enter earth plane does not leave restraints of time on our free will, not before or after our death. The door is there, when and where the Art of your life begins to live life consciously, it has always been there ~ where our Divine Source resides. 

When we choose to leave earth forever and never return no longer depends on the level of dense energy we know as Karma, energy of our history of choices. 

We choose when to return to creative source, it is a conscious decision we all have access to,  all of us, if we want it and are ready to accept that responsibility.  

Be the creative expressive journey you were designed to be, then witness the mind manifest dreary aspects of the past creatively into peaceful nothingness.  Set the soul free during those private expressions of inner love ~ the Divine moment of one’s own timeless truth.

Without the powerful intention implied by conscious choice, Divine Mystery will not manifest. 

Like the pendulum of an old clock we sway back and forth through our emotions.

Relieve the mind from the immediacy of having to hold balance ~ be at peace ~ be still in a conflicting present ~ timeless moment is anything but hard work; it is joyful communication with the true self that releases pleasure instantly ~ leaving one with a great sense of contentment throughout eternity ~ should that be what one desires.

Piero Ferrucci, author of the book Inevitable Grace shares with us that:

" we all have moments of inspiration, a sudden fleet of understanding, the solution to a problem, a state of grace, a brilliant thought about a future project, a witty remark, these are ‘those moments’ we all search for. "

Each person has within them a special quality of grace that is unparalleled to any other being.

Unfortunately, many do not believe in themselves or their gifts, and so hide their spark of uniqueness buried under a blanket of insecurity.  There is so much more ~`` 
Discard the everyday mask ~ reveal the beautiful true self you really are.

Creativity has a direct connection to real personal emotion.  In order to connect into this personal energy called Supreme Creative Force, we must open a bigger channel to and from the heart and soul mind to align with body and allow the manifestation of creative essence to flow through all our healing cells overflowing with joy to all who pass our way. 

We have to expand our consciousness in order to bring forward that original power to a higher level.  Begin to experience automatically more of the intuitive, creative being we are all designed to be.

 When the art of your heart


~* The Beauty of your life *~

There is nothing more exciting than a new creative flow to open heart to a life of personal inner strength.  

It is my hope and intention that the sharing of thoughts and expressions along the way encourage one to think about life in a very new and exciting way.  

It is through personal expression in order to unveil the hidden fragmented parts of the self, that the pressure of a timed moment will dissolve, emerge, then transcend on a subliminal level with the unchained moment of true beauty and love seeded within our own conscious heart mind.

My Prayer for you is that you find your true moment of endocept the beginning of your own thought, then for you to see that you indeed have the right action to follow through on all or your beautiful loving dreams.

You are the joy of real freedom in this lifetime.

Celebrate the life of all those children who believe no-one cares that they are hungry, homeless, of ill health or worse yet, unloved; more painful than a body full of broken bone.

A heart without hope endures all of the horror at the same time.
How can we do this effectively together to help with the hunger of earth?

The mind says;

One step at a time ~ One heart at a time

The heart says;

Plant a seed, share the truth that you yourself know to be true.

Without Peace The Soul can not Ascend!

~ A Gift from God ~


For All

 For Free


~ Soul ~

Artist Maquette

Original model in clay, final cast in acrylic
 11 D x 23 H x 8 W 1990

While sharing the restoration of  ~ Soul ~ the sculpture to friend Theresa Koch, founder of Paranormal and Jackie Laferta (site friend )  this image remained embedded on the monitor screen after the uploading of the original photo.

Some things are simply unexplainable!

Kodish, Kodish, Kodish, ~ Adonai Tsebyoth 3 X 3.

                                                             June 2012

~ Soul ~

Work in Progress

Work in Progress  

~* Timeless Expression *~

Work in Progress